The Rules Pit

Based upon the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons, we got bored with all the dice rolls and came up with our own version of the game. Basically it is more free flow and less dice-rolling and probably caters to the experienced gamer. The rules can be downloaded here for the basic rules and here for weapons etc. An armour clarification is presented below. If you wanna try it but have questions, please please ask below. Enjoy.

Armour clarifications


Armour can be two of four things:

Soft or hard.

Rigid or non-rigid.


Soft or hard is defined as whether or not it can be cut. Leather is soft, metal is hard.


Rigid is how the material is utilised. Plate mail is rigid, chain is non-rigid.














For each weapon it has a preferred armour range.


All armour is placed in one of the boxes above.

Leather in 1

Hide in 2

Chain in 3

Plate in 4

And so on


A club has +2 vs non rigid. This means that it will get the bonus versus 1 and 3 and will not get the bonus vs rigid or 2 and 4.


A longsword gets +2 vs soft, and so gets bonus vs 1 and 2.


A pick has +4 vs hard rigid and so gets the bonus on 1, 2, 3 and 4